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We've got a plan to suit everyone, whether you are looking to become a member, join in the small group fitness classes, use the gym facility or knock out a few PT sessions.

If you would like to book a one off, check out our classes and book now.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Best Value

    Weekly Membership

    Every week
    Full membership
    Valid for 52 weeks
    • Sign up first and get 15% off a week - usually $45
    • Access to small group functional strength and mobility class
    • Access to functional strength and mobility assessments. Acce
    • Access to the gym during opening hours to train
    • Access to all functional strength and mobility classes
    • Discounted access to workshops and guest blocks
  • PT Membership

    Every week
    Perfect for that 1:1 attention
    • One on one training
    • No commitment to membership
    • Access to the MVMT space
    • Book online
    • Be part of the community and events
  • Gym Facility

    Every week
    Perfect for those who just want access to the gym
    • Use of gym facilities
    • Come in during open hours
    • No commitment to other memberships
    • Part of the community
    • Access to services
    • Minimum payment required
    • Great for ACC
    • Classes can be paid for at the gym for a discounted rate
  • Student

    Every week
    For those studying who need to burn that energy
    • Same benefits as a full membership
    • All classes and gym facility
    • No contract
    • Access to block training
    • Must have a valid student ID
  • Adult concession

    10 pass for anyone over 17
    • Access to all classes + gym facilities
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