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Neurological Rehabilitation Specialist

Jane Matthews – exercise based rehabilitation, with an emphasis on the Central Nervous System, its optimisation and maintenance, for a wide range of conditions including brain injury, stroke, chronic pain, anxiety and stress management
This system-wide approach seeks to create independence, awareness and resilience in each client. It is individualised and designed to help your system repair and evolve, effectively and rapidly. Chronic conditions are often the result of multiple lifestyle factors, which require a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s environment and a commitment to create meaningful change.

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Your brain is your powerhouse, running your wonderfully complex and adaptive human system. 


Given the right conditions and understanding, you can upgrade and self-organise your system, becoming stronger, more balanced, aware and resilient.


Movement systems can help with:

Pain management

Athletic Performance

Stroke Rehabilitation



Chronic Injury 

Conditions of the nervous system



As a CRPS sufferer for years I was on strong medication for constant pain and lived with constant brain fog. With the fabulous help from Jane and Heather I am now drug free and able to handle the times when the pain flares. Thank you so much ladies for giving me my life back!



   - Robyn Downie

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